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Traveling Athletes/Teams

You need a place to train while your stay in Switzerland? We offer a service where traveling athletes/teams can rent our place during their stay in Switzerland. We are located close to the Zürich airport (5 minutes by car) and therefore makes it convenient. Our attractive pricing fits every need whether you are a single athlete or a team.

The center is a state of the art training facility equipped with the best equipment available and has enough space to accommodate large teams. The center is situated in an old warehouse building with a high rooftop (10m) and large free areas that allows for sprints and throws. There is also a seperate room for physical and manual therapy with the equipment readily available (massage table etc.) There is a large free parking lot in front of the facility as well.

The pro athletes here appreciate the privacy and the possibility to train without any disturbance.

Contact us for bookings, pricing and a full list of equipment and features of the training facility.

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