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Revolutionary Technology

We are the first sports training center in central europe to introduce 1080 Quantum Syncro, the most accurate and versatile system for quantifying the factors of force, speed and power, and 1080 Sprint, the portable device for on-field resistance testing and training of horizontal movements such as running, swimming and skating.

The versatility of 1080 Quantum allows it to be used in a wide range of applications, from advanced sports conditioning to general physical rehabilitation. By applying individually optimized loads and speeds, in the concentric as well as eccentric phase of a movement, it is possible to increase training intensity and stimulate the neuromuscular system beyond the ability of traditional forms of training.

As a result, the athlete’s performance will increase, while using a lower total load as well as fewer repetitions and training sessions. This translates to a reduction of potentially damaging stress on joints and soft tissue, more time for recovery and more time for practicing the actual sport.

1080 Motion is the first company in the world to successfully use robotic technology in the creation of a versatile, multi-purpose machine for use in safe, accurate and effective neuromuscular testing, training and rehabilitation.

The electrical motor, controlled by an advanced computer system, allows the user to choose from many different resistance modes, all in one multi-purpose machine. 1080 Quantum can generate load - and very quickly increase it or decrease it through an impressive range of movement speeds in - both the concentric and eccentric phase of any functional movement pattern.

With all of these features embedded in one system, we can confidently state that 1080 Quantum is the most powerful testing, training, and rehabilitation machine on the market today.

Don't believe it? Then you are most welcome to visit us and learn more about it. We want to share as much as possible so don't hesitate to get in touch.
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