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Sports Performance Seminar

Due to a lot of international readers of my website and the interest from coaches around the world for this seminar, I'll write in english this time:

I am happy to announce the first "Sports Performance Seminar" taking place first of June 2013 with two world-renowned experts. James "The Thinker" Smith and Mike Guadango are among the best in their field and will be here in Zürich, Switzerland at G.E.T. for an unique opportunity to pass on their knowledge to those coaches who are interested.

James "The Thinker" Smith is a world's leading expert on the subject Sports Training Program Management. His vast expertise includes engagements such as recovery/regeneration, physical, and technical instructor for UK Senior/Junior National Team sprinters/hurdlers, training, coaching and consultant of Olympic and Professional sports as well as domestic and foreign military special operations such as the Navy Seals Team 6 and paramilitary contractors, Senior Physical Preparation Coach for Portuguese Rugby Federation, Director of Programming and Trainer for Rep 1 Sports Group 2012 NFL Scouting Combine class. These are just to name a few. He will speak about the Advancement of Sport Skill Execution and Applied Programme Management in Power Speed Team Sport Disciplines. More details about „The Thinker“ also available on WWW.POWERDEVELOPMENTINC.COM

Mike Guadango is a currently a coach at DeFranco’s Gym in Wyckoff, NJ. He studied under Buddy Morris and James Smith while at the University of Pittsburgh and has also studied at various physical therapy practices. He has coached levels of athletes from Pro-Bowl, MLB, to pre-pubescent athletes and has also consulted for high caliber athletes worldwide. Mike has also written articles for various websites and is the founder of a website that provides free information in hopes of properly educating a mass of coaches and athletes around the world. He will speak about his experiences as a coach and will show practical elements to increase performance of athletes. WWW.FREAKSTRENGTH.COM

Both Mike and James are true experts with exceptional insights on training with world class athletes and they have proofed their success many times. I can recommend this seminar to everyone who is serious about training with athletes from different sports. Not only is the information you receive very valuable to your training with athletes but you will also have the possibility to ask James and Mike any question regarding training directly. They are incredibly competent to answer any of your questions. Furthermore they will show you also practical elements and exercises to make an athlete succeed whether it's pointing out dysfunctional physiological issues and how to repair them or how to design a program to improve performance in training and achieve the desired goals in competition.

More details you'll find also on the seminars' flyer here!

Registration: info@elite-training.ch

Costs: 250.00 CHF

Bank Account Details:
IBAN: CH38 0020 6206 1338 7701 A

With note: “your name“ and „seminar“

ATTENTION: Your Registration and spot at the seminar is only valid once you made the payment of 250.00 CHF.

Due to huge interest in the seminar the number of participants is limited. There are still a few spots left. G.E.T. yours now!

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